The Muskegon Environmental Research & Educational Society built the Wilder River Walk in 2007. The Wilder River Walk links to the current Muskegon Lake Shore trail and provides for access to the Muskegon Lake Nature Preserve. The Wilder River Walk also has 7 fishing platforms along the way, giving fishermen access to the Muskegon River. At the west end of the Wilder River Walk, is the Peter and Sophia Wege Observation Tower with the Robert C. Johnson handicapped ramp leading up to it.

From this vantage point people, and particularly students, will be able to view and study one of Michigan’s largest river deltas.Fund raising for the Wilder River Walk concluded with over $500,000 raised. 30 foundations and corporations along with 135 individuals made the Wilder River Walk possible. And when we looked at where the money had come from, it truly is a “Gift From The Community To The Community”.

Unfortunately  a portion of the Wilder River Walk has been closed. We are attempting to get donations to repair this section.